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    1. Thanks for the welcome. Why would I want to die broke? Buffet had SPIA in his insurance line up but he pulled the product because he decided the ripoff to the annuitant was immoral. Who knew Buffet has a heart? I guess you missed the joke with bogglehead (as in boggles the mind), but thanks for the correction. I’ll sell you my domains for $50K each. You will note I am MDonFI/RE. About all that is identical is “on” I am an MD and I’m hardly in competition with PoF in any way. His trajectory is completely different than mine. IBM invented this technique 40 years ago. It’s called FUD Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. They used it to keep their accounts in line when competition would come calling with better products. Are you suggesting MDonFI/RE is a better product?

  1. re SPIA: I was referring to your comment in “about this site” section about not wanting to die rich, but perhaps I misunderstood your desire.

    re Boggleheads: Again I was referring to your “about this site” section where Bogleheads is misspelled three times. Maybe that’s intentional? I dunno.

    re the trademark infringement: Not sure why you think your domain is worth $50K, especially given the legal concerns with it. It’s not clear to me that you understand trademark law. This Nolo article may help:


    “Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark (or a substantially similar mark) on competing or related goods and services. The success of a lawsuit to stop the infringement turns on whether the defendant’s use causes a likelihood of confusion in the average consumer.

    When infringement occurs, a trademark owner (the plaintiff) may file a lawsuit against the infringing user of the same or similar mark (the defendant) to prevent further use of the mark and collect money damages for the wrongful use. An infringement action may be brought in state court or in federal court if the mark in question is protected under the Lanham Act, which applies to both registered and unregistered marks that are used in commerce that Congress may regulate.

    The success of an infringement normally turns on whether the defendant’s use causes a likelihood of confusion and so weakens the value of the plaintiff’s mark. A mark need not be identical to one already in use to infringe upon the owner’s rights. If the proposed mark is similar enough to the earlier mark to risk confusing the average consumer, its use may constitute infringement if the services or goods on which the two marks are used are related to each other—that is, they share the same market.”

    Since MD on FIRE and Physician on FIRE share the same market (financial blogs aimed at physicians) you can see why a consumer might confuse the two. Two of the three words are identical and the other is a synonym.

    Easier to rebrand now, in the beginning, when you can build your own brand without having to worry about someone confusing you for Physician on FIRE. Not to mention all the legal hassle and expense it saves everyone. Plus it is usually a lot easier to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be, with the cooperation of other bloggers in the niche rather than in opposition to them.

  2. Man, I must be majorly under your skin. The air is thick with drama! Jim screams: Lawsuit! Lawsuit! WFT Daddy take a Valium.
    I have a blog that’s been visited by 15 people, who happen to be friends. They enjoy what I write and I enjoy what they write, and you perceive our shared enjoyment as a major threat to your WCI empire. It’s a pleasure to occupy so much time in your pea brain, fortunately you occupy none in mine. What you don’t get Jim is while you’re only in it for the money and the glory, I am not. I got way better things to do than pissing away my time on things like analytics, and making an extra $50 on the side. What you seem to not get is I’m actually financially independent, not just a wanna be, and I live that life of leisure every day. I don’t need any more money. I already made all the money. Now what I have is my time. Retirement is about time and freedom, not money and that is what my blog is about. It’s about self discovery and developing the insight to deep dive on topics of interest. It’s also about understanding the granularity of risk which happens to interest me. You will never have enough money because your whole identity is wrapped up in it, so you will never retire. Instead you will grind on and on. You will become what you hate, the richest man in the graveyard and upon your passing nobody will give a shit. By the way I continue to post as Gasem on other sites, further proof of no self promotion and no competition.

    PS: as far as I know you don’t even own “Physician on Fire”. Seems weird you are so unhinged about this. Are you the FIRE police? If it comes down to it I’ll merely delete MDonFIRE and remain as MDonFI. My bases are covered buba. I could always follow your advice and get DahleisaDick.com as my URL and sport that moniker around the sites I visit. Might be good for a laugh. It’s available for mere 12 bux.

    Ever see this? https://gomiblog.com/forums/

    This is a whole website devoted to snarking on the oh so serious blogosphere and their enterprises subdivided into categories. You will notice there is not yet a FIRE category.

    It’s a nice day here, 76 degrees in FL and sunny. I’m heading to the backyard to work on some projects.

    1. WCI is a legend. He pile drives an empire all the way to the bank and makes no bones about it. He is the piper, you are the pipe-ee. Have you seen the T-Shirts, Coffee cups and Key Chains? Are MLM franchises on the horizon? I would never write an article like “10 Ways to Lose Your Ass in 2020” Way #1: Get Covid … Way #2 Give Covid to your family… Way #3 Lose your job due to Covid… Way #4 Invest your dough in low cost index funds every day if you can… (always gotta get those low cost index funds in there somehow)

      WCI’s “pile” and influence far exceeds mine. I have about 30 followers and am not monetized. I never read my analytics because then I might start writing to serve my analytics instead of offering something to react for or against in the maelstrom of conventional wisdom and key fobs. I never bought a Sandals vacation or a My Pillow, yet somehow I have the time of my life and get the best sleep of my life, daily.

      What the hell do I know?

      1. Gasem,

        I reckon you have earned the respect of people who yearn for less magical thinking and more doses of reality.

        That is something money cannot measure.

        I am glad I found your blog and have read or scanned every single post.

        Big fan.

        Here is to at least another 20 more years of blogging from you … or at least until I am well off enough to retire with guidance from you ??

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