More Gloom and Doom

I subscribe to Real Vision. I like to watch the shows while I’m on the treadmill. Usually 30 to 60 minutes, just perfect. Today’s update is the start of a 2 week macro look at retirement. Today’s vision is free, so I wanted to offer it to my readers. Understand all of your brokerages and the brokerages are hedged. All of the members of the C suite are hedged. They all have slabs of gold in their vaults and cribs in Spain or Uruguay to escape to. I wouldn’t count on those surviving but none the less that’s the plan. You and me OTOH are just fat dumb and happy waiting for the slaughter. I’ve considered selling my house while there is still a bid, but I’m in at such a low price it probably wouldn’t pay. My step up in basis for a new place will eat my lunch.

Real Vision on Retirement

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  1. Hey Gasem,

    That was a good video. I think multigenerational living is the way to go. Anything to be more self sufficient and not rely on tertiary services the better.

    It’s not such a bad life. Just ask my kids. It’s their reality.

    1. Like I always say MB if I had your plan I’d throw mine away. I have a 1600 sq ft garage on the back of the property that could be framed out as an apartment. I’d probably have to sink a separate septic system and well. Good to hear from you.

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