Trying to figure it out

I just installed WordPress and it’s a completely different experience than my old blogging software.  More intricate, more powerful, less boilerplate.  The learning curve is moderately steep.  My old blogging software was simple.  As I work through the jot’s and tittles it occurs to me the experience is not unlike retirement.  Pre-retirement is simple.  Spend less than you make, put what’s left in some type of investment account, sit back and let the deadly brilliance of corporate America compound your money for you.  You control the investment amount, you control the timing.  The market controls the rest.  Retirement is like WordPress.  Lotta moving parts.  How long is retirement?  What about return?  What about risk?  Do you have enough?  What about taxes?  Medical cost?  The rent?  How much does all that cost?  Which brings us back to do you have enough?  

I’m past accumulation and into deflation (a word I prefer to distribution).  I  did my part, pulled the train, and now it’s time for discovery.   I read a lot about plans and projections, but not that much about the rubber meeting the road.  I read the pipe dreams of the W2 types pulling numbers out of thin air, but I don’t read all that much by actual retired folks living off their squirreled away acorns.  I read about side gig this and scheme me that  but not so much about what that pays.  I never read about failure, just projected success.  Failure is what happens when projected success doesn’t work out.  Study of failure is how you assure success.  You study failure and then don’t do that.  Success and not projected success is what pays the rent and buys the hamburgers.   I read an article analyzing a report this morning that looked at retiring middle class Americans .

 I’m one of them.  Hopefully I planned well.  I haven’t read the study because it’s not referenced but it gives me pause to read 75% of workers plan to work past retirement age.  If this the face of failure?

I’m a little jazzed at getting this thing to post and it looks pretty good!

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  1. I am so happy to find this!!! It has been a long time coming. I first came across your writing on a comment somewhere and I recall thinking “what the what?!!”

    I look forward to staying in touch with you this way!! Seriously a joyous find on my Friday night!!!

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