Hit to Hit Back to Back!

Bringing it down with the solid soul sound!  Gasem does a podcast.  

I’m a regular poster on Doc G’s website  Doc G has been kind to me and allows me to comment, often extensively, and I comment within what I consider my license.   Doc G is a successfully entrepreneurial character something I respect and something I consider uniquely American though not exclusively American.  Here regardless of status you can experiment with inputs, time, energy, money, intelligence, drive, risk, and build from that success.  Much of FIRE is about formula a kind of cook book set and forget approach to investing.  It’s unclear to me if FIRE investing actually works or if it’s mostly hype and projection and hobby.  A projection starts out small and by the time it hits the screen it’s big.  A projection starts out with crisp fine detail but by the time its big it’s definition is fuzzy.  Neither projection nor it’s screen image is real because it’s just a projection.  FIRE’s formula purports projection and expects the projection to be considered as in fact reality.   So it’s a kind of denial, but still there is information contained in the projection so it is a useful fiction.  

Doc G’s approach is to unpack different aspects of his take on the projection compared against his success (which in fact is real and not projection, and he is nothing if not successful).   So it gives the reader a contrast from which to judge based in some reality.  It’s not so much a cook book as a report on what the recipe produced in his case and tweaks he may have done to the recipe, so his site offers something between experience and dogma, while some sites just preach dogma.  Dogma is not truth, the result of following and tweaking dogma is truth.

My bent is to further try and tweak the truth through my experience in achieving a fully functioning retirement which was largely not contrived by bogglehead dogma but by a different path.  The dialectic between my experience and his experience therefore hopefully further elucidates the truth and improves the fidelity of the projection so the reader comes away with a bit more clarity from which to make his own judgement and the experience is provided for free, and out of a commitment to forward progress. 

Doc G and Paul Thompson started an ambitious endeavor called “What’s up Next” published on the Doc G website in order to explore aspects of FIRE life and FIRE media.  The last published cast was on children and retired or semi retired parents and how to approach money with your kids.    He invited me and Vagabond MD and Susan from FI ideas.  We are prolific “commentators” and his interest was to explore the world and motivation of commenting.  It was fast past and quite professionally done.  I’m more of a writer than a speaker so it took me somewhere else in this journey.  It was good to put face to intellect as I read these commentators quite often but have little else for referents.  The podcast functions differently than a blog, it’s more like a discussion at a bar or a dinner table, equals engaged in dialogue.  Doc and Paul put a lot into the production and I was quite satisfied with the experience.  Keep an eye pealed for What’s up Next!

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    1. I’m more of a writer than a speaker. Like Leo Kottke I sound like geese farts on a muggy day. Doc G and PT have it going on with their podcast, they have great insight into topics and panel pairings and hit off beat topics relevant to how people relate to FIRE personally.

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