The Chloroquine “Cure”

Chloroquine is an age old pharmaceutical treatment for malaria and amoeba It has a brother called hydroxychloroquine. I’ve been scouring the liturature and found some reports out of China and Korea they used these drugs to fight COVID-19 with some success. The drugs are used in combination with oral zinc. Yesterday was published an article by a EU researcher that used one of the chloroquines with zithromax successfully to treat the virus. The drugs are given on different schedules and in different doses in the various things I have read, but the treatments are short term 5 to 10 days. They are NOT prophylactic treatments and the timing and all of that is not worked out.

Chloroquine and zithroman have QT prolongation and combined my have profound QT prolongation nobody knows so giving these drugs in the face of a bad EKG could be quite dangerous. The virus is thought to attack the lungs but apparently the heart is also vulnerable as cardiac myopathy is seen. So an infected host’s underlying physiology may be sufficiently different from an uninfected person as to be dangerous to these drugs. We are in a stage of human experimentation be very clear and the risks are not well researched.

The chloroquines are generic and cheap and the supply will soon be overwhelmed. It’s almost unavailable right now, but if you can get a few pills it might be worth having. DON’T BUY A MILLION. My dosing schedule is 12 pills of hydroxychloroquine 400mg po bid x 1 day loading dose and 200mg po bid x 4 days and then stop. The drug effect then seems to last for several more days enough to cover 10 days of infectivity. I’m not sure how to tell you how to pull the trigger i,e. whether to wait till a confirmed diagnosis or what. Practicing medicine like this is dangerous since the risks and potential co-morbidity are not well defined and may NOT be trivial. Bleomycin kills cancer, it also permanently kills lungs. I want to emphasize that point. The biology and prognosis of the virus is not well known. It is very unclear. This treatment is very unclear.

I believe Trump today is going to announce this treatment and relax FDA testing. Relaxed testing means increased risk. The market is going to hear CURE!!! This s not a cure. Herd immunity is the cure and that’s going to take 2 years PERIOD. Be very clear on this. This treatment will modify the rate of penetrance into the human host it won’t stop the virus so be clear on that. The market is still out of control in terms of volatility.

That’s where I’m at today, you can now use that as one of your data points as you consider the chaos. I own the medicine. I own hydroxychloroquine zinc and zithromax. I’m also taking D3 and C but not massive doses of any. In my opinion immunity is made from protein so I’m long protein and fat in my diet, especially if I get infected.

That’s what I got today I’m not giving advice. The reality of this is unknown and unproven but I’m trying to outrun the reaper. Because I own a few pills doesn’t mean I’ll eat those pills and it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll trade my portfolio on that lack of information.

I hesitate to even publish this post but I’ve spent a couple weeks researching the science and thinking about the consequences, and given what I know and how the media and the politicians are going to spin I need to pace a data point on the time line.

I want to reemphasize this is not completely tested. We for example don’t know what would happen if someone got reinfected because the treatment killed the bug before immunity was established. Viruses are very tricky

Good luck out there

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