Real Vision Power Shares

Real Vision is allowing “powershares” up to 5 shares per month on my plus account. In order to share I need an email address. This I’m sure will generate a “special offer” to join real vision but in the meantime I’ll send you the share curated by me from behind the paywall to view. I’ll try to chose videos by professionals who give their unvarnished rants apart from the typical Wall Street sales boiler plate. i’m not sure how many “close friends” I can accommodate, but I’m not a well read blog so likely I can get 25 on the list. So if you want some behind the paywall curated content drop me an email addr in the chat and I’ll cut and paste you into the cue.

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  1. I already watch all the free content that Real Vision provides, but I’m unable to afford the subscription based content. Would love to get a glimpse of it if possible. Raoul Pal is the best. I like your blog too. Thank you!

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